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Food Afield Podcast Season Four Highlights - Part One

Winter is an excellent time to reflect on the year past. You can listen below to the first of two episodes that cover some of the best bits from the past season's episodes.

This episode brings you with us into the wall tent in the middle of the boreal forest of Northern Canada while Kevin and I hunt for whitetail bucks during the rut. From there we go through last spring and summer, and end the episode with our fifty-kilometer round-trip hike into the high alpine to fly fish for Cutthroat Trout.

This episode includes one of my all-time favourite moments. Kevin and I were in the wall tent during the spring bear hunt. It was late May, and a thunderstorm rumbled overhead. I was able to capture the sounds of rain pattering on the tent fabric and thunder rolling across the treetops. It was a highlight for me personally from an audio standpoint!

Part Two will drop next Monday and then

we'll be back into some of the more usual types of episodes that you are used to. I am off tomorrow to do some ice fishing with my friend Gibson Tilley in southern Alberta. It will be a first for me to ice fish on a prairie lake and you will get to join us when I publish that episode in the coming weeks.

Thanks for your support. Have a great week!


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