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Interview with From the Wild Creator, Kevin Kossowan

The first member's only episode!

Recently, while recording the director's commentary for some From the Wild episodes with Kevin (you heard correctly!), I turned the recorder on and asked Kevin a few questions about his show. I tried to ask some things I thought folks would like to know about Kevin and his award-winning web series.

This is our very first member's only episode! Just log in to the site and go to the Member's Episodes under the "Members Content" tab. The interview is the first episode at the top of the Interview Episodes album.

As I let slip above, the From the Wild director's commentary podcast episodes are being recorded right now! They will be sprinkled throughout the upcoming season. It is so much fun to sit with Kevin and re-watch these old episodes and then comment as we watch. There is a fair amount of behind-the-scenes context, and amusement, as we re-live a decade's worth of adventures.


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