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Jim Willems - New Episode of the Traditional Bowhunter's Journey

This is a good episode! I recently had the chance to chat with Pope & Young Club's past President, Jim Willems. Jim is an outstanding traditional bowhunter whose passion for bowhunting takes him far and wide. He's taken numerous world-class animals with his recurve and speaks eloquently about taking back the word "trophy hunter". That discussion alone, and hearing his take on hunting big bucks and bulls, is enough to make this episode great, but then we get to talking about ways that folks can access hunting opportunities around them.

It is one thing to pick up a new bow and get geared up and proficient with arrow accuracy, and then it's a whole other thing to actually get out hunting. Hopefully, this episode helps you with that. Welcome to the Traditional Bowhunter's Journey...brought to you in cooperation with the Traditional Bowhunter Magazine. This episode is also brought to you by the fine folks over at Novem Archery. I am shooting one of their finger tabs right now, and I like it a lot.

Something new! We've launched a new YouTube channel... "John Schneider's Wild Life". Follow along as John transitions to living aboard a sailboat on the Pacific Coast, living a self-sustainable lifestyle of hunting, fishing, and foraging for wild food. Main storyline episodes coming soon (end of September)!


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