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Why on earth did I do this?

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

The experiment of hosting premium podcast episodes behind a paywall has, so far, been a challenge. Is that the right word? I'll go with that. Nevertheless, a few brave souls have chosen to support the show by purchasing episodes. I can't thank you enough. You know who you are.

A few other podcasters have also asked me how things are going. So I've had to tell them. But this is all ok. I am happy with the decision, and I'll tell you why.

I enjoy podcasting very much. I love the creative aspect of "shooting" audio footage in the field and then taking that raw audio and creating something greater than the sum of its parts.

The whole process is gratifying. But it costs money, and I am far from being wealthy. The Gold Forest Grains farm business is sustaining us, barely. Again though, we love the lifestyle of farming organic grains and milling those grains into high-quality flour products. I live happily with an income that falls below the poverty line. I don't buy many things, and when I do, they are vintage, used, up-cycled, or just plain old. This particular consumerism mentality provides me with another layer of enjoyment when transforming something into a valued asset.

The major exception to my rule of up-cycling is with the podcasting and recording gear I've been buying lately. Of course, I look for value in my equipment and sometimes buy it used, but quality in equals quality out when it comes to audio gear.

I am not telling you this personal story to generate sympathy. I could easily do something different that would create more money for me. I am privileged. This lifestyle is a choice, to be sure. I am simply telling you this so you trust that I am not simply trying to take advantage of anyone by selling episodes. Selling podcast episodes does go against the societal norm of "free."

I have decided to sell these episodes because they hold value to me. I have worked hard at this art and believe that the show is getting better all the time. My goal is to envelope listeners, to bring you into the field with us where we are gathering wild food ingredients

The other "normal" in the podcasting world is to ask for money through Patreon or buy-me-a-coffee or add a tip jar. Food Afield Podcast episodes do not contain ads, and the show has no sponsors. I don't want to ask you for gifts or donations. I want to earn the reward of a download from you.

My ask from you is simple. I ask that you spend $2.46 of your hard-earned money to purchase an episode of the Food Afield Podcast. My next hope after that is that you will want to continue with the purchases of episodes that interest you in the future.



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