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John Schneider

everybody has a story to's John's

John has been hunting the wooded hills and wetlands around his Alberta home since he was very young. Grouse, squirrels, and hares were the primary targets at the beginning of this wild food journey. Hours of childhood imagination following the tracks and trails of the boreal forest, a piece of folded tinfoil, and a pack of matches in his backpack, calcified a passion within John's personality to pursue wild food ingredients. This became a driving force within John for the rest of his life. 

John focuses primarily on traditional bowhunting and flyfishing in his outdoor pursuits. This stems from the difficulty that he had in acquiring a firearm from his parents. A 'harmless' green fiberglass recurve bow had to make do. 

As an adult, John spent more than a decade professionally outfitting and guiding big game bowhunters and fly fishers across both Alberta and the Northwest Territories of Canada. He has published numerous articles for international publications over the years and has appeared in hunting and fishing-related television, video, and book productions throughout his adult life. More recently, John has been a part of the main cast of the award-winning video series "From The Wild", produced by Kevin Kossowan.

John's goal when in the field has always revolved around his love of cooking and wild food. John Schneider's Wild Life definitely reflects the joy and satisfaction that comes with acquiring wild food ingredients on your own. The mission of the show is to show you the different ways to get started with your own wild food journey. 


Now we're also happy to announce that we are offering fly fishing courses! If you are interested in learning how to fly fish, you can join John for a fun day of fly fishing knowledge. The Fly Fishing Course is a perfect way to gather the basic skills and knowledge of fly fishing.

Photo on this page by Kevin Kossowan

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