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Twelve Years - New Podcast Episode!

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

New Years day, 2022 will be the release date for the second episode of Season 4. "Twelve Years" is a story of John's journey to reconnect with whitetail success using his old 1957 Bear Kodiak Recurve. It has been 12 years since John last shot a whitetail with a bow and he has been focused hard on that task for the past 2 years, diligently carrying the old bow day after day during the hunting season. John came very close last season, sending a wood arrow over the back of "the buck of a lifetime" in October. This past season, November 24, 2021 to be precise, was a special day for John and the recurve. We invite you to listen to this latest episode to see how the story unfolds in the whitetail woods! The only way to listen to the episode is here on the website. Just hit the 'episodes' tab at the top of the page, and the rest should be easy. Cheers!


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