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Yukon Grayling - A Short Fly Fishing Film

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Being north of the 60th parallel again after all these years was very special to me. I'd never been to the Yukon and had always wanted to go, and I hadn't been in the Canadian north country for more than two decades. The last time I left the fishing lodge on the Eastern Arm of Great Slave Lake, where I had worked for several years as a guide, I never imagined it would take this long to get "north" again.

The Yukon did not disappoint, at all. It was spectacular in so many respects.

A day in Whitehorse, walking around and seeing all of the gold rush history that still survives to this day, along with a couple of hours in their fantastic museum, added to the mystique of the north.

The beauty of northern wild places cannot be overstated. Around each bend in the highway, on the way to the three fishing spots we visited, was another vista that made us say things like "Wow, would you look at that!". I cannot wait to get back there, truly.

Here's a little fly-fishing film I put together from our trip. I've started a channel on YouTube and am considering expanding that part of the show. I enjoy the idea of producing films. I believe that there will be more of these types of projects in the months to come. I hope you enjoy it, and please remember to spread the word to your friends and family!

Here is the Yukon Arctic Grayling podcast episode

Three friends kneeling for the photo. In the foreground is a campfire with a wooden tripod. Hanging by a string is a whole chicken, roasting over the coals.
Erin, Alex, and John posing with their campfire Chicken a la Ficelle masterpiece.

A large grayling is being held by Erin. It is about to be released back into the river.
Erin holding a large Arctic Grayling

Erin is wearing a wool sweater and black Fjallraven ball cap. Her fly rod rests on the back of her neck and she is holding an Arctic Grayling that she is about to release.
Erin with one of her many Arctic Grayling

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