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Limited Edition Hardwood Cribbage Boards! Arctic Grayling


My great friend, Alex Nadeau, lives in the Yukon Territories, Canada. Alex and I have been on several backcountry adventures in the Yukon including our annual spring fly fishing trip for my favourite fish of all time, the beautiful Arctic Grayling (Thymallus Arcticus). Even their scientific name is awesome! 


Alex owns a fabulous woodworking business called Iron Woodworks & Renovations in Whitehorse, YK. His cabinetry and hardwood table projects are amazing, and then he turns the waste scraps of Canadian hardwood into other works of art including cribbage boards!


Alex and I were chatting a few weeks ago about his business and I suggested a new design apart from his original 'Map of the Yukon' and 'Mountain' cribbage boards that he sells throughout the Yukon and Alaska. I suggested he produce a board of our favourite fish, the Grayling! He loved the idea and challenged me to come up with a design. 


Here it is! There are only 12 of these boards in the world at the moment! The original 12 will be numbered, and the first one, the one pictured here, is signed by me. They are all handmade and completely unique. No two are exactly the same. 


If the demand is there for these amazing works of art, we will produce more of them and list them for sale here. They are available for pre-order once they sell out. Free shipping within Canada. Add $15 CAD for international orders.  

Arctic Grayling Hardwood Cribbage Board - Only 12 Made!

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