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Perhaps you are more comfortable learning about fly fishing in a one on one environment? There is no doubt that in a private session, we can tailor the learning experience to the exact questions and issues that you face. 


John can take you from having never held a fly rod, to being able to get out on your own within a few hours. Private lessons are booked in blocks of 3 hours. If additional lessons are desired, we can book them at a reduced rate. We will want to make sure that we've over-delivered on our promise to get you fly fishing so if it takes a little longer, and we have the time available, the lesson can continue. This will be discussed ahead of time.


We will cover the theory of fly fishing, the knots, fly fishing components, and the gear that you'll need (or don't need). This is very similar to the content in the Fly Fishing 101 courses. After we go through the basics of what we're trying to accomplish we can head out and get you casting. 


These private sessions can happen wherever you are comfortable. We'll need some park space, lawn, or beach for casting practice and that is about it.


After booking your private fly fishing lessons, you will finalize the date and location with John and he will take care of the rest. 

Private Fly Fishing Lessons

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