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The renowned Fly Fishing 101 course, except we've set aside some days for the women! Lisa and Erin have been friends since they took the course in 2022. You can hear them talk about that experience in the podcast episodes "Erin & Lisa Learn to Fly Fish" and "Foam is Home". Erin also accompanied me on my trip to the Yukon. Those episodes are here.


I've learned from both of these friends that there are challenges that women can face when trying to enjoy the adventures of fly fishing. So, my goal here is to make that process as enjoyable as it should be. One of the things that has proven to be valuable to the folks who have taken the course in the past is the support after the course was over. I'll provide you with a way that you can stay in touch and ask all of the questions that will come up once you are out on your own in the fly shops and trout streams. 


In the beginning, it can be intimidating to participate in something new and different. This course is a gentle, yet comprehensive, introduction to the world of fly fishing. Once you complete this course, you will feel confident enough to hit the trout streams, rivers and beaches of Canada!


What To Expect: 


We will all meet up at the venue in Tsawwassen at 10 am sharp. You will finish the course at around 3:30 pm. 


The course starts with a classroom-type setting where we will cover terminology, types of flies and lines, different systems of fly fishing, finding fish, and much more.  The weather will dictate if the classroom session is inside or out. Bring a pen and notebook because we'll cover a lot of really important things here. The entire course is a thorough introduction to the basics of fly fishing. 


There will be plenty of breaks, and time for questions, as the class is limited to ten participants. Within a very short time, we're all just friends hanging out and learning about fly fishing. We'll break for lunch around noon. Your instructor, John, will cook some great food for you over the campfire and the wood oven. John will recreate the 'shore lunches' that were so popular when guiding anglers in the Arctic. It will be something fish-related with plenty of sides. 


After lunch, we'll get out into an open, and safe, area to put our theory to practice. You are encouraged to bring your own rod or we may be able to arrange one for you to use for the day. You will begin casting and improve drastically over the day. Some beverages will be provided throughout the day, but it is highly suggested that you bring a water bottle with you as we'll be busy outside and thirst can become an issue. Also, dressing appropriately for the weather will maximize your enjoyment of the day. 


A week before the course date, you will receive any updates regarding weather or anything else that can arise ahead of the day.



Women's Fly Fishing 101 - Lower Mainland BC

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  • Things to bring with you on Fly Fishing 101 day: 1) Clothing appropriate for the weather, and any weather that may come upon us through the day. 2) A water bottle. 3) Notebook and pen. 4)  Camera. 5) Your fly rod if you have one (we'll have loaners). 6 A joyful spirit. 

  • Once you are signed up for the course, you will receive the address of the venue. That location is subject to change, but it will be in the lower mainland area close to where we have the boat moored. We may have other pertinent information for you before the course date as well.

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