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An Exterior Tour of the Sailboat

Come have a look at the boat from stem to stern...and exterior tour of the sailboat. I walk through some of the things that are still left to do before I head out into the big water and hoist the sails in this episode...number 20 by the way!

Also in this week's video, we practice some more docking and then install the coolest interior tables I've ever seen. These tables are a huge upgrade to the boat and would be perfect for RV's, cabins, or boats. As I type this, I am using this new table and couldn't be happier. You'll have to have a look and see for yourself what I mean.

The channel is still not monetized on YouTube, but we are well ahead of schedule. I could really use your help to cover some of the production costs as gear starts to need repairs and replacement. I love creating this content, but it isn't cheap and small channels like ours miss out on the ability to monetize...almost completely. Our Patreon community is small right now. I would love to hit 10 patrons by the end of March and I'm working hard there too to create value in unseen photos and video updates. As the channel grows, we'll add live events and meet-ups. For less than the cost of a beer per month, you can help ensure the sustainability of the channel and the entertainment it provides. Thank you!

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