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It's Been a Minute - Living on a Sailboat Update

Updated: Apr 29

Hello everyone! I haven't forgotten about the blog posts and how-to articles. You have definitely been on my mind, but things have been happy-stressful for the past several months.

I have been living on the little sailboat since early December. I've also been working on the YouTube channel, boat restoration projects, and studying all of the skills necessary to not die on the Pacific Ocean...oh yes, I'm also learning how to create and market videos. Not an easy task, but like I said, its been enjoyable.

Life here on the boat has been rewarding, but also a little tedious. Working on the channel, and the boat at the same time, are more or less all-encompassing. Ongoing.


The YouTube channel is growing nicely. Thank you to everyone who has supported it with the likes, comments and subscriptions. The monetization is ahead of schedule but we're not there yet. The boost that I received by appearing on Shawn James podcast episode last fall is wearing off and it is becoming a case of simply eating what I can kill so to speak. While I am happy with the results, I am still quite far from having the channel be self-sustainable.

The cost of replacing and upgrading camera and audio gear as it breaks is beginning to add up (I am afraid that the drone did not pull through after the salt-water dip) lol. The many hours of editing and video production is something I am willing to donate, but it is an extensive amount of time.

While established professionals receive compensation, smaller creators like me often miss out. However, this can change with your help! By joining our Patreon Channel, you're not just supporting – you're investing in a vibrant community. Enjoy weekly exclusive and live content while championing creativity. Join us in reshaping the support landscape for indie creators for less than the cost of a latte per month! Smaller channels like mine are simply expected to "put in the time" and work for free as unpaid interns. This doesn't stop YouTube and the other social media channels from inserting ads and benefitting financially from our efforts either though.

That's ok...those developers and entrepreneurs have built a tool that is incredibly valuable and popular. I am indeed grateful for that technology and the platform for sharing our adventures with all of you.

So, if you have an extra $4 per month, and you feel that you would want to support the channel and make it sustainable, I promise to make it worth your while in entertainment and knowledge-sharing.

As of this writing on March 3, 2024, we have four paid Patreon subscribers. That's great...the goal though, is to get to 10 paid Patreon members by the end of March.

I'd love it if you went ahead and shared this with your friends and family too. We can get there...with your help.


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Mar 06
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I've really been enjoying living vicariously through your adventure!


Mar 04
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Found John via Shawn James' podcast which connected to YouTube channel Pt. Roberts' sailboat adventure.

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