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New Course Offering - Basic DSLR Photography For Beginners

Updated: Mar 6

Kevin, mixing Sidecars in Grasslands Shack. A photo by John Schneider

Live online digital camera mastery for beginners.

I've recently offered my homeschool course, DSLR Photography 101, to the public. This course has been very well received by the students and I have enjoyed teaching the class every single time. It has turned out to be one of my most rewarding endeavours. Now, I want to expand on this experience.

Throughout the years of outdoor adventuring, the true keepsakes have been the photos I have taken (that turned out great). There have been many more that didn't turn out of course, but, I've always tried to get better with my photography. I feel like I owe it to myself to take the best photos that I possibly can to be able to relive the experiences properly. I have published many photographs in international print magazines and online publications.

A woman fly fishing. She has a fish on and the rod is bent. She is standing in the stream and the sun is shining.
A photo of my friend, Erin, that was recently published in Explore Magazine

In this course, you will spend four, one-hour live online sessions learning the complete operations of your dslr camera and the theory of photography. Things like composition, lighting, and the most important aspect, story-telling.

From week one to week four, you will go from fully automatic on your digital camera, to fully manual. Your photos will instantly pop. Your friends will, more and more frequently, compliment you on "what a great picture that is". But, more important than that, you will be proud of what you create with your camera.

The learning curve will never stop when it comes to photography, but with this foundation of knowledge that you gain from the course, you now have the foundation to build upon. Your photos will never be the same again!

John Schneider

A mountain stream. The fast moving water is blurred.
A dream space for fly fishing. A photo by John Schneider

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