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Backcountry Wild Food Adventures
The Food Afield Podcast

2023 Peoples Choice Podcast Award Finalist Poster

Welcome to our Wild Food Community!

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Traditional Bowhunting and Fly Fishing. Wild food and cooking with fire. Backcountry Podcast Adventures!

Experience the outdoors like never before with the Food Afield Podcast episodes. Be right there with us on our hunting and fly fishing adventures, and gain valuable how-to knowledge from the weekly articles we publish. Hunting, fly fishing, traditional bowhunting, and wild food information are in every episode and article. We're so glad you've found us!

John Schneider

About the hunting, fishing, & wild food podcast, Food Afield.

The Food Afield Podcast episodes on hunting and fly fishing are designed to motivate outdoors-minded folks to embark on their own wild food adventures. Whether you're a veteran traditional bowhunter or a beginner in the world of hunting or fishing, or you just want to listen to immersive outdoor adventures, I believe you'll love our show. This website hosts our show and provides resources to assist you on your wild food journey. Many decades of successes and failures are shared in the content we create. We encourage you to take your time and explore all that we have created here for you. While you're exploring the site, you may as well listen to our latest episode!​ With the Food Afield podcast, we're committed to helping you become more knowledgeable and confident in your outdoor pursuits. We believe that wild food is a sustainable and healthy source of nourishment and the most instinctive way to connect with the natural world around us. 

Have you ever considered promoting your own business on our show? Now you can do that very thing, right here! 

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John Schneider, the creator of the Food Afield Podcast, has a long white beard. He is wearing a red bandana and a brown hat. He is looking off into the distance.
Photo by Kevin Kossowan
The Other Outdoor Adventure Podcasts We Produce
traditional bowhunter's journey thumbnail

The Food Afield Podcast and Traditional Bowhunter Magazine have teamed up to bring you a new traditional bowhunting series, the Traditional Bowhunter's Journey

This podcast series has the newcomer in mind, but there is plenty of stories and expert advice to keep the veteran traditional bowhunter interested as well. Every second Sunday be sure to join John and the traditional bowhunting experts, authors, and industry leaders as they discuss the ways and means to get started with the recurve or longbow. 

The best way to never miss an episode of this series is to subscribe or follow the Food Afield Podcast on whichever podcast listening app is your favourite. 

Unlock the wild thumbnail poster

A new podcast series beginning in August 2023! Part of the Food Afield series of shows, the Unlock The Wild Podcast will focus on outdoor skills upgrades and problem-solving. Along the same lines as the Food Afield Podcast, this series will be an immersive combination of in-the-field recordings and expert interviews, both live and long-distance recorded. 

The idea here is to start with an issue or skill set that we want to improve upon. We'll talk about it as the issue occurs and then do a deep dive, with expert help, to see where we end up as far as solutions are concerned! It'll be fun. Topics of discussion will range from how to get a better night's sleep in the tent to brewing the perfect campfire coffee to "Where have all the fish gone?!"

To never miss an episode of this series simply subscribe to the Food Afield Podcast on any podcast listening platform you prefer...or bookmark this website page and check back weekly. Thank you so much for your support. 

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